Ar. Petchimuthu Kennedy

Me, Petchimuthu Kennedy, the lead architect of the Earthscape Studio pursued my architectural journey at Wall makers since 2020. Getting to learn new methodoly and creative techniques, i got my inspiration from my mentor Ar.Vinu Daniel. Our ideology and interests in architecture is to create and bring out buildings with soulfulness and emotion in the spaces.

The main approach of our architecture towards the environment is to make a nature friendly built forms which has to be a research project creating and experimenting different techniques and usage of different nature friendly materials in the building. By using all the naturally formed materials of their original form makes the building sustainable and harmless to the environment. Making a building sustainable is not only by using earth materials like mud, stone, wood etc. As a human we already dumped our environment with lots of waste products and materials like steel, plastics, papers, napkin waste etc. We firmly believe clearing all these waste is also sustainable. So, making use of all these in a building by reusing all these in a building gives us a user friendly and nature friendly environment in future. We give equal importance to the client as well as the nature where it satisfy all both the needs and it serves its purpose.