Petchi Muthu

Ar Petchimuthu Kennedy


Petchimuthu Kennedy, completed his architecture bachelor degree at SIGMA college of architecture and started working under Ar.vinu Daniel, Wallmakers where he learnt earth techniques and responsibility of earthen architecture. Earthscape studio was established at 2022 where he started practising earthen architecture, trying to connect bridge between nature and human.

Shivani Saran S K, completed her architecture bachelor degree at Mohamed Sathak AJ Academy of Architecture and started working under Ar.Senthil Kumar Doss, Play Architecture where she learnt self sustaining geometrical structures with different materials and its play in the structure of the building. She strongly believe that architecture has to serve its purpose and carry an emotion of the spaces.

Shivani Saran

Ar Shivani Saran S K

Co- Founder

The main approach of our architecture towards the environment is to make a nature friendly built forms which has to be a research project creating and experimenting different techniques and use of different nature friendly materials in the building. By using all the naturally formed materials as their original form makes the building sustainable and harmless to the environment. Structure is the main element of any building, we focus on making it sustainable by making it any self sustaining geometrical structures. We believe that each person or living element has different perspectives on any sight, so , a building has to respond according to their different perspective and emotion. Architecture has to be a connecting bridge between human and nature where it has to satisfy both the needs. We all knew that we cannot make a 100% sustainable building, but being an architect we can try our maximum to reach the sustainability .